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At Saoud Flowers, we understand that choosing the right bouquet can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to sensitive occasions such as funerals. That is why we have created a special bouquet of 20 white roses that are suitable not only for funerals but also for any other occasion. Our expert florists have carefully handpicked and arranged each white rose in a way that exudes elegance, purity, and calmness. Whether you choose to gift this bouquet to a dear friend or family member as a gesture of comfort or to celebrate a joyous occasion, it is sure to convey your feelings and make a lasting impression. Located in Fleur, Lebanon, Saoud Flowers is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most stunning flower arrangements in Beirut and beyond. We take pride in sourcing our flowers from the best growers and ensuring that each bouquet is crafted to perfection. Place your order today at and let us help you make every occasion more special!

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